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Constable arrested for 6 murders

A former police constable Rosemary Ndlovu appears in court for 6 murders, she allegedly used hitmen to do the killings for her, murders started in 2012 till 2018. She's all edged to have killed 6 people since 2012 her lover, child nephews and nixes in this whole incident her mother was also a victim and some of her sister who escaped the deaths.

It was reported thst the constable had insured all this murdered people.

How said. All this kinligs for the love of money? How is this blood money been helping her? We hope and pray thst the victims gets justice. It is quite a shame for a public official to be doing such things, killing people, her loved ones all for money.

SA police services must brings justice to the families of the departed souls and she needs to remain in sutody for a long time correcting her behavior.

We applaud the whisleblower for reporting this matter and bringing it to the right people 's attention because this was going to get out of hand thst I already is.

The constable also put her own mother in the firing line. Money is definitely a root of evil because no 1 in their right state of mind would do that.

Rosemary appeared in the palm ridge court but it was later postponed due to her sickness. She complained of. Pains and was taken into custody. Her next court date to be released as soon as her situation has been stabilized. We hope and pray that more witnesses will come foward to solidify the case and that more investigations should be done to get to the bottom of this issue. This must not be left unresolved.

Insurance companies must also take into accounts the number of claims a person is making considering the type of deaths, thst alone should have raised a suspicion because every claim submitted the death certificate and all the information including notice of deaths are required, if people died u naturally proper investigation along with a police report it is required to finalize the payment.

Further investigation needs to be done we might find that accused had a connection with the insurance company hence she's covering people on to kill them for money.

It is saddening that people who swore to serve the country and the public but are not abiding by the law of the country while they swore. Justice must be served. Weather a public official or not. We wish her speedy recovery so she can face the law. All this deaths, she must pay and serve her sentence. This must be a lesson to everyone who takes up insurance for anyone just so they can benefit.

A proper investigation must be done and proof of relationship must be produced when taking up an insurance policy for someone. More especially if death is an unatural one. We might be suprised that the accused maybe had also fabricated the claim documents for the deceased persons policy claims

Justice must be served. Public official or not

Content created and supplied by: Molebogeng (via Opera News )

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