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Road Accident

Watch: Careless Motorist Puts The Lives Of Other Motorists On The Line

Some of the south African drivers and motorists are so reckless that one could hardly understand how and why so they still holding the drivers licenses.Very fearless and careless about the next person's lives,they drive as if they own the roads.One driver was caught by the cameras facing the on coming traffic in N12 Gauteng,in the viral video the driver was seen driving at a very high speed on the side of the national road.The on coming drivers began to hoot the insane driver but he seemed to be caring less about the hooters and what they mean.The national roads are one of the busiest roads normally infested by the abnormal vehicles and trucks.The fearless driver never took all that into consideration as he/she continued to do things his/her way through.The accidents in this roads ends in a very disastrous scenarios where the the vehicles will be piling over each other due to the speed tolerance on this roads.The department of roads and transport needs to up their game as the festive season is about to drop.It is because of the low or no visibilty of the traffic officials that people continues to tamper with driving laws.The province of Gauteng is very busy and it seems like the ratio between the motorists and the traffic cops is unbalanced,thus people fearlessly do as they please at putting the lives of other motorists at risk.

Watch the video here:

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