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Real Reason Why 30-Year-Old Businessman Shot Himself Dead In Front Of Family In KZN

KZN architect and businessman, Bongani "Thisha" Ndlovu who is 30 years old, shoots himself dead in front of his family. Men have been discovered to be one of the people who are committing suicide more than women in the whole world, and its something that is supposed to bring about a little bit of understanding from the people but a lot of people still don't understand why.

Traditionally we defer family conversations to the older family members, but this is not something that should give one reason to kill themselves it means that he must have been very frustrated for a very long time about the decisions of his family members.

With all due respect,no matter how successful you become, one must allow adults their space and only speak when asked and even then be brief and allow older members to speak more.Sad nonetheless.

I think corporate life is opposite to this and we must be careful not to overlap / cross-pollinate the two worlds.

They are parallel, and as a young successful person you must mind your speech and tone at home when addressing their elders but of course this does not mean that they shouldn't pay him attention considering the fact that he contributes a lot to the family.

It’s very frustrating when your family doesn’t see or hear you, as much as men are expected to be very tough they are also human beings who have feelings and can easily persuaded devastated by the Impressions of others especially the ones that I care the most about.

He was old enough to contribute financially but too young to have a say at 30, it is clear that in this world you can never really have everything because considering his success is supposed to be someone who has a lot of saying the family meetings but it doesn't.

May he finally find peace in his rest.

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Bongani KZN Ndlovu


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