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What This Lady Did Cannot Be Undone; South Africans Are Angry

In 2016, the first-ever nationally representative research on child maltreatment in South Africa was published, revealing that over 40% of young people in the country have been subjected to some type of sexual, physical, emotional, or neglect at some time in their life.

This study based its findings on interviews with 15 to 17-year-olds in South Africa regarding their lifetime experiences with violence and abuse. This percentage is high, but it's not out of the ordinary: similar studies on child violence have been undertaken in 12 other countries, with several of them indicating similarly high rates.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Targets in 2015, which include putting an end to child abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and all kinds of violence against children, as well as establishing a series of goals that address the risk factors for maltreatment.

A South African lady angered many resident; after her photo was doing the rounds on social media platforms. This is after she put her baby in the handbag; so that she can be able to accommodate the booze she was seen posing with.

Mzansi citizens did not even take time to lambaste her; with some vouching for the lady to be arrested as they say she is abusing the baby. Let's look at some Twitter comments complied by News Ample;

Lesley: Really? Having that baby in a bag? Is it confortable for the baby? Isn't some kind of abuse?

Sgetit: One of the reasons I don't drink alcohol. I don't want my kid(s) to experience negligence and discomfort due to my alcohol priorities 🤞🏼

Karishma: If you know you not ready to be a parent, stop having kids bathong... Was just passing by.

Bongweh: I don't care about everything in this pic only a child in a bag I hope she was just fooling around to take apic.

Cliffort: I don't know how women feel about this, but as a man I think it's wrong to post pictures of someone like this, this is a reputation killer. That person may lose a lot in life just because of that,including the child. Or maybe it's the fact that we don't value each other that much

Mbatjane: My personal opinion, I think SASA must give baby vouchers than giving money. I understand in other families the money is needed to survive, maybe we need another ways to look after this social benefits. This mother bought nothing for the child, what is her priority?

Marisha: I don't drink alcohol. But who am I to judge. I raise my kids in a beautiful place but there is a possibility that her child can turn out smarter than mine. Others drink while pregnant. I can't possibly judge this woman.

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South Africans Are Angry


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