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ANOTHER QUARRY, ANOTHER TRAGEDY: Two children lost their lives.(Opinion)

A quarry is a hole or pit dug on the earth surface with the aim of extracting useful or precious stones. Some are very deep making them very dangerous empty as they are, for both humans and livestock. Some are shallow but become very dangerous when filled with rain water.

It was hurtful to watch the video of a man who drowned in front of his child at Nkoyoyo Quarry dam. Now two children aged 4 and 7 have lost their lives as they played in a roadside quarry pond. Quarry dams and holes should be sealed off or at least fenced off so that the public can not access them.

The families of the children are demanding answers from the authorities. This is one of the reasons why Minister Patricia De Lile and Senzo Mchunu are visiting the area and families of the bereaved. This happens when the story of four children who were killed by a collapsed sinkhole along the N2 in Inyanga at Borcherds' Quarry Road , Cape Town is still fresh in our minds.

The quarry pond in which the 4 and 7 years old met their demise is as a result of roadworks happening along the K54 otherwise known as Solomon Mahlangu road. Mamelodi residents are still traumatized by the tragedy.

Let's protect the young ones by always keeping an eye on them.

What are your thoughts.

Stay safe

Enjoy responsibly.

Keep on washing your hands everyday with sanitizer, wear your mask and keep social distance because Corona is not over yet. 


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