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Here are the signs of abused children

Signs of an abused child

What is child abuse? It is anyway of mistreating a child in a way that causes harm whether physically or emotionally. Physical abuse is a common abuse that is done mostly by elders to a child. Most people who abuses children are the ones they trust the most. The familiar faces mostly family members and family friends.

4 types of abuse

1. Sexual abuse comes in many ways, it maybe the touching of a child’s private part in an inappropriate way, making child watch pornography, making them feel uncomfortable with their bodies.

2. Emotional abuse consists of shouting a child in a way of belittling them, ignoring them and act like they don’t exist and neglecting them.

3. Medical abuse is denying is denying a child to medical attention 

4. Neglect is when a parent is not given love, shelter, proper food and any other things that are vital for child’s well being.

Symptoms of an abused child

If your child is the one that is always happy, joyful and like to play, after the abuse they play less, seem confused and always feel guilty. A child will start to fight with others, changing in school performance, change in an all her/his behaviour. Always in fear when you touch them while they are not aware. Not wanting to go to school, sometimes coming late from school. The child will try to harm themselves or try to run away from home. Sometimes a child can be a child by doing the above, but it is necessary to take it into consideration when looking for signs of abuse. 

How to see if a child is being abused in anyway.

Injuries that you were never told about, even after discovering them there is no explanation. When a child is sexually abused, they know more that what they should know. They have sexually transmitted diseases sometimes pregnancy. Blood in a child’s underwear. Touching other kids inappropriately and make sexual comments.

A child that is abused emotionally have a low self-esteem, hardly knows knowledge for his/her age and decrease performance at school. Does not like to play with other kids. Look depressed or look as if he or she has a weight on their shoulders. Avoid being around certain people.

A child that is neglected always look untidy, no signs of growth or weight gain. Lack of clothing (sometimes that is associated with being poor). Stealing or hiding food. Poor performance at school. Lack of medical attention. Making a child do a hard labour is still a form of abuse.

Sometimes parents shows no care for a child. Always accuses a child, belittling and say negative things to a child. Does not want a child to get attention. Always comparing a child to others when he/she performs. Does not allow a child to explain anything at all. It is vital to report any forms of abuse so that our children will be in a safe environment.

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