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Woman Wants 2 million Rand For her Amputated Ring Finger| Here Is Why

Woman Wants 2 million Rand For her Amputated Ring Finger| Here Is Why

Date: 2022/06/30

A woman’s finger was amputated after she suffered when she was hijacked by her husband. AW Malan is her name and she has been to the magistrate court to try and claim 2 million from the private hospital that was negligent in her request for them to check her finger out when the wound was fresh and clean so that it was never amputated.

The criminal bit it when they were taking out her ring as they believed it was very valuable to resell on the black market.

She and her husband had bruises on their face and she was a bit on the arm, she believes that the hospital has to pay her the money because they did not do their job correctly of helping her, good thing is that she has the money so she will be able to fight the case if she just follows protocol and does whatever the lawyers ask of her.

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South Africa is a dangerous country, every day you wake up you could get killed and robbed, it is just the nature of things, but the system and government do not seem like they have a plan to fix the crises of crime that could make the hospital to end paying millions.

AW Malan suffered a tremendous loss, we all pray that she heals and she is able to move forward from this tragedy, if she ever takes this to the supreme court she is likely going to win. The high court is listening to this case because it is a lot of money that is involved in this case, so it is better for her to just focus on winning the case and getting the 2 million so she can buy whatever business she dreams of acquiring.


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