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WATCH: Thief tries to rob a taxi and gets mobbed

A skollie who supposedly mentioned an e-flagging down taxi and afterward attempted to ransack the driver het sy gat gesien after mense in Brown's Farm, Philippi, got and moered him.

Three video clasps of the occurrence have turned into a web sensation on social media.

The first was shot by somebody who was driving behind the dark Hyundai, and the burglar's legs should be visible following on the ground as he battles to move into the vehicle.

The indirect access behind the driver is totally open while the boef grips onto it.

An individual says in IsiXhosa: "You have robbed some unacceptable one, satan!"

In another clasp, the man should be visible being maneuvered brutally onto the asphalt of a bustling road.

Individuals assault him with blocks and sticks and they yell at him as he attempts to cover his head, however he can't get away from a couple klappe to his face.

He runs and falls and is generally gotten and tossed against an entryway of a shack.

"For what reason are you running?" a local area part inquires.

An inhabitant tells the Daily Voice: "This is very much past due. Individuals have been griping about the infamous Browns Farm.

"The skollies demand Uber or Bolt and afterward when the drivers show up, they ransack them yet this time he didn't figure out how to get anything on the grounds that the driver was excessively quick for him.

"The people group ought to join against wrongdoing to have administrations arriving at all aspects of the area.

"Envision not having the kindness of private outings on account of these hooligans which individuals are by and large frightened of."

Police representative Captain FC van Wyk says nobody has revealed this episode.

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