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All foreign owned Spaza shops and Supermarkets have been shut down by the furious community of Morokweng.

This follows after a couple of foreigners allegedly kidnapped one of the South Africans for a couple of days.

Furthermore, the community is accusing some foreigners of selling drugs to young kids.

Morokweng residents are saying that no foreign owned Wil ever operate again in their area and they are saying that all foreigners must leave Morokweng.

Police are in the area monitoring the situation




OPINION - Let's do away with painting all foreigners with the same brush and only focus on those who commit crime.

It was wrong for community to close down all shops and supermarkets of foreign nationals as if all of them are responsible for kidnapping of a South African or all of them sell drugs to kids.

Let's identify all criminals, irrespective of country of origin, and report them to law enforcement agencies.

And our frustration regarding crime, joblessness, racism, tribalism and inequality must be directly addressed to relevant stakeholders including government.

We should not be tempted to be xenophobic because it is inconsistent with Ubuntu.

Crime is crime and should be treated as such; and whoever does crime must be dealt with decisively and accordingly within boundaries of the law.

I thank you and happy Africa day.

In addition Amazingly the so called foreigners were left to infiltrate the village in a massive influx without any form of control, they rented the already collapsed shops of our fellows because we didn't offer enough support to them. They built and continuing to build chain of businesses within the village, from fast food, furniture shops, supermarkets, hardware stores, they have taken ownership and practically it seems almost impossible to win the battle now, the damage it is too deep. Fact is yes we survived before without them, but times have changed. How will we revive the village old shops and sustain them if we failed before of which is the main reason why those foreigners saw the opportunity. I pity people who will walk miles for a mere airtime, bread and so on.


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