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I am so hurt broken, got attacked and raped in the morning - said a woman

A lady took to Twitter and said, I'm so hurt broken wow. Got attacked and raped in the morning. She said she told the guy that she have Aids just to scare him off but the guy said even himself he has it and she wanted to stall time hoping someone would pass by when he requested him to use a condom and he said he didn't have time for that.

The lady said as soon as he finished and she ran off tried to stop the first car she saw, luckily she saw a car parked with someone (who is a matual friend) to help me we went to the police station opened a case went to the clinic did blood tests and came back to my place.

It's so tough hearing things like this and how common they are in our country. 2 days ago some women from Mthata were sharing these horrific stories on Twitter including singer Thembisile how she was picked up and taken to the bushes when she was a child.





Replying to


Get PrEP pills to prevent HIV. No deserves to go through such a horrific experience. Keep your head high this trauma shall pass with time.

These pills are to be consumed within 24hrs of this very bad incident. She is a church person, I think she might find solace in the Bible

She said did just that by going to the police station right after with the clothes with thorns the pills they gave her aren't treating her well. She have been throwing them up

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