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Man says this restaurant employs only Zimbabweans|They asked for locals but were chased out | xenophobia?

The notion on foreigners by a lot of locals is that they steal jobs and cause pressure to locals. The issue of this type has been talked about countlessly and is, even at this and this point one of the top topics that forms a greater part of a lot of locals dialogue.

But this are things that peope say which you hardly find in discussions by leaders or by in authority to confirm if it's that way, such topics are not necessarily in the media such as radio television or radio current affairs programs. A lot of foreigners are employed especially in restaurants, in the hospitality industry and areas of jobs that are not for immigrants is the allegation.

The allegations in this Twitter post says that two visited a particular restaurants in the Nelson Mandela square and discovered that it is a lot of zimbabweans who are employed and the locals asked for locals to serve, but the manager of the restaurant who is a white person came out and commanded them to leave

However this is. I would like to know what your opinion is about this issue, this man alleges that South Africans went to a restaurant and asked to be served by South Africans but they were only Zimbabwean nationals employed there, could this be a made-up story or is it something that you know it's there or not? Is it xenophobia? please your opinion.


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