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Student arrested for slapping teacher

Some say it's the latest crazy social media challenge that has police and educators on alert, but is it real or a hoax that has taken a life of it's own?

A video in the link below shows a student slapping a 64 year old teacher and was initially reported in the slap a teacher challenge but the school district tells inside edition, "We don't have any evidence from our investigation that this incident is related to the Tik Tok challenge.In another school a student was accused of beating a staff member due to the tik tok challenge.

Tik tok released a statement condemning the challenge, " The rumored slap a teacher challenge is an insult to teachers everywhere. And while this is not a trend on tik tok, if it any point it shows up, content will be removed.

State attorney Ken Chong says he is fed up over dangerous social media challenges including one that encouraged learners to vandalize their schools. "This has to stop that's why I'm putting so much pressure on Tik Tok to use their machines or eyeballs to take that content down.

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