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Heavily Armed Men Who Are Alleged Zamazamas Operating In Germiston Dancing To Lesotho Songs [Video]

South Africa is one of the richest countries in Africa, this prompts people from almost the entire Africa and other continents to flock all the way from their respective countries and find a way into this country hoping and believing that they are going to make money and get a better life. Some come through the borders and are documented, they are here to make an honest living while some came into the country illegally and have no documents which allow them to be in the country, this is the group that is giving us problems since they are not scared of committing any crime, they know they won't be traceable.

After hitting the headlines for a couple of days since the unfortunate incident where a total of eight women were raped by a group of twenty men who are believed to be from Lesotho, the whole country has turned focus to the illegal miners and what they are doing to the communities, they are accused of tormenting residents of the areas where they are operating, people of Kagiso and the entire West Rand have taken to the streets to protest, they want all illegal mining operations to come to an end.

A video emerged on Monday afternoon where three miners were seen doing their job while one of them had at least four guns on him, three small guns on his waist and a big one on his back, they were busy mining and cleaning whatever mineral they were busy with and one of them was filming to show the world that they are ready for anything or anyone that may think of disturbing them while they are busy.

As if that was not enough, another video of heavily armed men surfaced on social media where they were in some sort of a celebrations while playing Lesotho music, they were armed in different types of guns but most of them were holding assault riffles, it is alleged that these guys were in Germiston and they are also illegal miners.

These guys are armed and they always torment the residents of wherever they are mining, they are accused of doing all sorts of crimes in the townships, but it seems their days are coming to an end, people are tired of living like prisoners in their own homes in their country. In the West Rand, they are chasing them away since last week Thursday.


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