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Family of the trainer who was gunned down finally speaks out on his death.

Source: News24

Losing a loved one to a horrifying incident as a shooting is horrible, some people do not even recover from this kind of trauma, some people even live in fear after these kinds of incidents.

Recently, the whole country was left in shock after they found the news that a Fitness trainer from Gauteng was gunned down and killed on a zoom while he was training his clients. His clients witnessed him get murdered, and they couldn't do anything about it.

The family of the fitness trainer has finally spoken out and it seems they want answers. an article released by news24 stated that the family of the deceased trainer says "He loved God and was a man of many talents, a fitness fanatic at heart.", and they also said that they fear for their lives as well. Well, we can not blame the family for being scored for their lives because, if the killers have not been found they could also go after them.

the trainees could be in trouble too, as some of them have posted on Twitter about everything they witnessed and how it feels to lose their beloved trainer. The motive as to why he was killed hasn't been released by the police yet but hopefully, the police find the suspect and he pays for his crimes.

We all hope that Lawrence gets to be justice, as his death was shocking to the whole country and hopefully if his killer gets caught, that will give his family peace of mind knowing that the killer of their loved one has been caught and is paying for his horrible crimes. Well, let's hope that things like this don't ever happen again, as they are very horrifying and would give South Africa a bad name if this continues to happen.

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