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'This Is What Was Found On The SA/ Zim Border

Zimbabwean authorities recovered two vehicles from South Africa, and has recovered more than two tonnes of copper cables that were allegedly stolen from the country. This is a situation that is so obvious to everyone who has two sets of eyes, to see that there is no way that something like this can even happen mysteriously.

The story doesn’t only end there it continues with the suspects coming across the police and losing their composure and choosing to flee the scene, because they then realized that they were in a very complicated situation where they would not allow themselves to get captured by the police because that would mean an end to their criminal career path.

The driver of one of the vehicles (Lenox Sithole popularly known as boss boss) abandoned the vehicle after realising police were pursuing him, the suspect is a well-known gang member in the area who lives on terrorizing the ordinary members of the public and leaving them to die out there in public.

 It is very concerning that something like this is even happening in our country we definitely cannot afford to have such a situation in public, because it will definitely put other people at a huge disadvantage and that is not a good look for people to be exposed to.

The South African police have to ensure that they tighten the boarders so that they can ensure that they prevent a situation, where they end up being exposed to these complicated situations and that is something that cannot be allowed to happen.

We hope that the police will ensure that our streets are safe the more the police get hired the more safe the people of this country find themselves, and this is the only way we can ensure that everyone is safe otherwise we are definitely going to keep having this problem.

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