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HEARTBREAKING : It ended in tears for Miya, may her soul rest in peace

The late Miya Marcano

It ended in tears for the nineteen-year-old Miya Marcano who had been reported missing on Friday last week as her lifeless remains were found on Saturday morning in Florida, which is in the United States.

It is such a tragedy to lose such a young learner from Valencia College whose future was looking bright. The police are reported to have found a purse next to her lifeless body and there was her identification inside. The law enforcement agencies felt devastated regarding the discovery of the lifeless body of Miya. The remains are reported to have been found a few miles from where she used to stay.

This is a huge loss to the family and friends of Miya as she was just young at the time of her death. The devastating detail is that there were reported bloodstains on a pillow.

There was a report of the death of a maintenance worker who is alleged to have been found dead. The maintenance worker was being suspected of having been responsible for the abduction.

The cause of the death of Miya was not confirmed by the law enforcement agencies. The cause of the death of the young Miya will only be made available when the autopsy results are released. The suspect who is reported to have been found dead was alleged to be infatuated by Miya to an extent that he would sometimes text her.

More details on the two deceased will be released when the investigations are made available. It is however hurting to not that violence against women still continues.

Women are human beings who need to be treated with respect, but there are men who feel and act like they own women. What steps do you think should be taken to save women from such a cruel world?

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