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Imbewu the Seed: Landile kills Lulu after discovering she was born a male

Imbewu the Seed: Landile kills Lulu after discovering she was born a male

While you're here, please follow me!

It's always said that honesty is the best policy but what happens when your honesty puts you at a risk of being killed?

Imbewu introduced a storyline of an LGBTQ+ individual who is misunderstood and trying to soar both in her personal and professional space! Unfortunately, at work, Nokuzola met Lulu with an unteachable spirit that will hopefully die down gradually and understand that people should be called what they prefer being called!

In her love life, Lulu had a man who is so madly in love with her that he's ready to introduce her to his family! All that changed the moment she told him that she's a woman but was actually born a male! I understand that he feels lied to and compromised and that's okay! I expected that he rejects her if he will because at the end of the day, people can never be forced to accept LGBTQIA+ people. In his words, he said "but I kissed and touched you," to which she confirmed that he did enjoy doing all those things with her. After a moment of irrational reasoning, he stormed out and left her there!

While ghosting her would have been understandable in his position, he did one better! He actually recruited two men to accompany him to terrorize and shoot Lulu in questionable times at a very questionable location! In the process, there's the possibility that he will actually sex.ually abuse her!

How does he move from actually loving her so much to a point where he feels entitled to her life? Yes she shouldn't have kept the truth from him but to go through lengths of trying to kill her is totally psychotic! Whether or not he physically kills her, she will leave the experience having being hurt and wounded for life! He'll have killed her fighting spirit and in the process made her feel unsafe and inadequate!

Oh my gosh this is heartbreaking. I’m so nervous for Lulu #IMBEWU

She should have sent him an sms. What if he freaks out. Poor Lulu #Imbewu

OMG! Lulu bathong😭😭 I hope Zandile does not shoot her. I can't believe that we have to wait 24hours to watch another episode 💔#IMBEWU

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