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Reminder To all SRD grant beneficiaries who could not get their money in the first circle

A reminder to all social relief grant recipients who have not received their money in full for the first cycle of the social relief grant.

Many people were dissatisfied last year when they did not get their government grant money, which resulted in the money being returned to the state account.

They were given a month to collect their money, but many did not, and the funds were returned to the state account. It is apparent that the majority of people were unable to collect their funds due to complications at the post office.

But then after the department of Sassa noticed that they were problems which resulted in people not getting their money,they decided to give all the affected beneficiaries a second chance to and collect their money.

The department of Sassa issued a statement on their page recently informing all the the affected beneficiaries to go and claim their uncollected funds in the first circle.

All the beneficiaries were given until 31 November to visit their nearest post office to claim their funds.If you are one of those who did not receive their money last year, you must return to the post office with your ID to collect your money by the end of November.

For those who did not receive this message, please inform others so that they too can collect their money early.

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