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'This Is What A Truck Driver Woke Up To In Eastern Cape

Trouble is waiting to Happen at N10 between Oilphantskop Pass & Nanaga Eastern Cape Province, these are the kind of guys who are stealing from truck drivers so their behaviour in getting rides at the back of trucks without the driver's permission is seriously concerning.

The suspects do this to get an opportunity to take advantage of the fact that the driver has to park the large vehicle, that is when they start to steal whatever it is that they can get their hands on, this has definitely been a concerning thing.

We hope that the Motorists who happened to be on the road warned the truck driver that there were three individuals who were riding at the back of his truck, we hope they were reported to the police so that the necessary efforts were done to arrest them.

We have seen many of such cases in the country and they are concerning to the ordinary members of the public who find themselves having to deal with them, where they have to ensure that they are preventing these criminal activities.

They're definitely tired of the crimes that are happening in the country, they are the ones that are completely distabilizing the situation that we find ourselves in.

We're very clear that ordinary members of the public found themselves in a situation where they can ensure that the criminality is being prevented, because it is only natural that the ordinary people are going to enjoy privileges of calling the police on individuals who do crime.

At the moment things are not going well with the economy, the increase in interest rates has made life difficult for the ordinary member of the public. The individuals were probably arrested and taken to the police, so that they can be taken through the processes that are necessary to ensure that they will never repeat this.

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