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Why Dead Bodies Are Buried Facing Up

You've probably seen a variety of burial customs from around the world, but the most prevalent is burying people with their backs to the ground. 

These things are the case for a variety of reasons and based on a variety of ideas. The most frequent place to be buried is this position, however exceptions are rare. The majority of burials follow this rule, but there are other cultures where persons are buried face down, standing, or in a seated position. Regardless matter where you fall on an issue, you usually have a rationale for doing so. Most religions and tribes around the world have some sort of funeral ceremony as part of their rituals. 

For the following reasons, most persons are buried with their backs to the graveyard. 

1. Body viewing

It's common for mourners to want their loved ones to see their bodies. Burials are frequently performed with the deceased lying face up so that their face can be easily viewed after death. People like to see the face when they are watching. Viewing is a meaningful farewell for the deceased's loved ones, as it allows them to view their loved one's face one final time. 

2. Resurrection

Burial in this position is associated with several religious traditions that hold that the dead will rise again. When lying on one's back, getting up is much easier than when one is face down. Standing in this position demonstrates that the departed are prepared to meet the Supreme Being when He makes His triumphant return.

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