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Passengers starts a fight inside the taxi after getting short change from the driver (Video)


Our taxi industry has been good to many South Africans even though some cases are not easy to avoid. A taxi driver gave out a short change to his passengers not realizing such will cause a fight in the back. A video showing such incident went viral on social media.

Minutes after a lady shouted at another passenger seating at the back of her seat. From the video th man can be heard calling out how many people he paid for. Unfortunately the woman in front of her did not really like how noisy he was at the back of her eyes.

Instead of talking to him nicely fight started, that is when the driver had to stop the taxi. People as well removed their cellphones to record loud voices of adults fight for three Rand change which was supposed to come from the driver.

Some say people who behave in such a manner inside our public transportation. Are people with a lot of stress, since he or she never mind what other people will think about them.

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