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Why Do Woman Take Years To File A Sexual Assault Charge

Before we take off let's look at the Definition of the South African Police Services Charge And support to Victims of Sexaul offences.

Term - Sexual assault - definition is internatiol, unlawful Sexaul intercourse with a woman without her consent. Which includes the penetration of the labia majora (outer lips of the vagina).

Girls under the age of 12 years cannot legally consent to the act of intercourse, therefore it will be considered as statutory assault irrespective of the circumstances. Girls between the ages of 12 -15 years can be the victims of statutory assault.

So therefore it is the right that a person with medical experience whom shall be appointed by the Department of Health to conduct medical examinations in this regard.

That last part is most telling, as it gives us a clear indication that there must always be a physician present when opening a sexual assault charge, unless it is more an assault charge. So to beg the question why than do woman shy away from going to the police and report these perpetrators. For an adult woman, the primary reason for not reporting seemed to combine a type of guilt as well as embarrassement. The implication of this finding is that even as external social factors change, the internal psychological Barriers of reporting may remain.

But for some skeptic's the question they would ask is if you where afraid then about subsequent consequences of reporting, what now has changed

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Quantitative research findings on sexual assault - Statistics South Africa

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