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An old lady trends because of what is written on her bag

The picture of an lady is circulating of on social media platforms, and people were more than entertained by what is written on this old lady's hand bag. Many people were doubting that this lady even undersands what is written on her bag, and some people were saying that she probably took her daughter's hand bag and went shopping.

In the picture this old lady can be seen standing still before the counter paying for the goods with the hand bag dangling from her her left hand. The hand bag of this old lady is written with bold words "I'm off limits". For that fact that this is dangling from an old lady as this in the picture, people couldn't stop laughing on Twitter "Yaaas girl" mockingly said an influencer. Twitter users hopped into the comment section to share their thoughts "Tell your parents what's the meaning of the things written in your bags before borrowing them your bags" said a Twitter user. "Mommy's and borrowing themselves our things" said a lady on behalf of other ladies. "LOL, when you know your worth" jokingly said a Twitter user.

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