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Mzansi Reacts To Loadshedding Stage 6 Schedule

Just when a lot of communities were starting to make peace with the fact that loadshedding is gonna be part of our lives for as long as we live and some people has already adjusted thuer different schedules in order to keep up with living with loadshedding, It seems like the issue of loadshedding is now drifting from bad to worst after romours has started making rounds on social media that we could start getting loadshedding stage 6.

Bare in mind the the worst we have been having was stage 4 so now 6 is romoured to be around the corner and by the look of the stage 6 schedule one can really tell that a lot of things are going take some bad turns this time around, For have a look at the schedule below to see how bad people are going to be without electricity in load shedding (see pic attached below)

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As you can see from the above schedule if this loadshedding stage 6 thing do comes to a reality then it means that we gonna have to be without electricity for over 7 hours 30 minutes a day, The schedule is gonna run though cutting down electricity for 2 hours 30 twice a day then add an extra cut of 4 hours 30 minutes the very same day, This is not good if you should think about it I mean what is gonna happen to people's business and other essentials that rely on electricity to operate?

Well be that as it may, Have a look at the reactions a lot of South Africans has posed towards this whole loadshedding thing in the screenshoots attached below 

With all this being said what is it that you have to say now as an individual? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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