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Flooding and thunderstorms expected in these Areas tomorrow, Here's how to prepare.

Recently South Africans have been experiencing periods of bad weather. These weather issues come and go naturally, however sometimes they can cause damages to our infrastructure and property. Which is why it's important to always be prepared. Below I have the weather warnings for tomorrow, as well as how you can prepare for them. Share this article help friends and family find this information.

Tomorrow :

Level two weather warnings have been released for a group of areas tomorrow. This warnings are about slow moving thunderstorms that can cause damage. The structures susceptible to this damage are informal settlements and as well as other structures that have not been professionally built. Flooding to roads and bridges are also possible. Below are the names of the areas that will experience this.

The Southern Parts of Limpopo.

The northern and eastern parts of Gauteng.

The Highveld of Mpumalanga.

If you live in aby one of these areas, here are so me ways that you can prepare for this damaging weather.

Preparing for the weather :

Let's start with weather proofing informal settlements. Start by making sure that none of the elements can get into your home. Cover or close any open spaces and holes. If you have holes in your roof than put thick plastic over it and stick it down.

If any part of your home is moving or unstable it could be affected by the wind. Make your bed effort to stabilize it by tying it to something stable. If you live on a hill or low land than you could be susceptible to flooding.

Place barriers around the side of your home where water will flow in and consider even digging a drain.

Try your best to stay indoors until the storm passes. What do you think of these observations and tips, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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