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SAPS: See what letter B stands for in Police cars, see below

Police number plates in South Africa are hard to understand because they all end with a "B" which many people do not know what that "B" stands for.

Some say that the "B" stands for Police some just don't give out their opinion because they do not know what it stands for.

South African number plates differ with Provinces but police vehicles all have the same B at the end of the number plate and you can identify where it belongs by reading near the rear where the area where the police car belongs to is written.

South African number plates are unique in each of the provinces. Each province has their own number plate design and colours, as well as numbering scheme. e.g NC 10332.

All vehicles in South Africa, excluding motorcycles, are required to display a number plate on the front and the rear of the vehicle. For vehicles that cannot accommodate a full size plate in front, a plate with smaller dimensions may be fitted with permission from the registering authority.


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