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Ukrainian Refugee snatches Husband From British Lady Who Housed Her

A resident of Bradford named Lorna Garnett expressed her displeasure after learning that her husband, Tony Garnett, had absconded with an immigrant from Ukraine whom she had been hosting in the month of May.

The woman, who is 28 years old and a mother of three children, reportedly said that she was left in a state of disarray when her partner of ten years chose to leave her barely ten days after the refugee Sofiia Karkadym moved in. This news was reported by the Sun UK.

After the Ukrainian woman fled her own country because of the rising conflict in Russia, the Garnetts gave her a place to stay while she was on the run.

"At first, I had some reservations about bringing a refugee into our home," she said, "but who wouldn't?" It has been reported that Lorna Garnett made the statement.

"We were going to make room in our home for a new person who would be living with us."

"That is a significant choice to make, and he wanted to make it in spite of the fact that I wasn't certain." I thought that it was the right thing to do to offer a roof over the head of someone who was in need of support and to help them when they were in need of aid since the situation in Ukraine is dreadful for regular people.

"And with that, Sofiia let me know how grateful she was to me for giving her a place to call home," the speaker said.

Tony Garnett, who is 29 years old and works for the NHS, had the idea of becoming the Ukrainian's UK sponsor after the two of them were met on Facebook.

An offer of a visa to visit the United Kingdom was made to Karkadym, an IT manager residing in Kyiv, Ukraine. As the days passed after she moved in with the Garnetts and Tony and their new visitor became closer, the tensions mounted, and Lorna began to regret ever renting their property to her, as well as the fact that she had done so.

After Lorna had had enough of what she referred to as the "unwanted desire" between her and her husband, she made the decision to ask Karkadym to leave her home.

She felt her world come crashing down when her husband packed up their possessions and moved in with the Ukrainian.

After some time had passed, Tony admitted to Lorna that he was "falling head over heels in love" with the Ukrainian. In addition to this, he communicated his need to begin again with Karkadym.

Yesterday, Tony and Karkadym were kicked out of the home they had been squatting in with Tony's parents ever since they left Lorna. The news of the event had made headlines in both the United Kingdom and the Ukraine.


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