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Twitter has no peace: Here is why this girl turned out a laughing stock on Twitter

The problem with these so-called big accounts is that they think they own Twitter. There was absolutely no reason for them to be that to her. It's not like they were familiar with Twitter when they started using it. I'm so disappointed that many of you don't see anything wrong with this thread, even blessings. Raboba finds the bullying of a child amusing. I mean, with kids taking their lives because of stuff like this. Wow, just wow.


It's heartbreaking to see such grown men and women bully this little girl.The least they could have done was to ignore her or tell her nicely how Twitter works, not troll her. Indeed, Twitter is full of bitter people who find pleasure in trolling others. Admin, this may be your page and I also understand that what you do or say on this page is not only about me, but you've won my interest and respect since the first day I started to follow your page, but I find it very disappointing to see you laughing at comments from old people attacking a young girl. You've copied this from Twitter, bringing it here on Facebook to continue jokes that were made about young girls.


These are types of behaviour that let other people's confidence down and can't be tolerated. Some adults have low self-esteem, so why would a grown man just swear and humiliate a kid with what she's wearing and call it humor? " A Facebook follower said






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