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Man cried after his brother died because of this

There isn't a single person in the world who can handle the grief of losing a kid without breaking down. The death of a child elicits a wide range of feelings in us.

"Deja vu" is a term used by experts to describe the sensation of having already been through the current circumstance. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful we are, we will never be able to stop everything that happens. Even while certain déjà vus are supposed to warn us, we all wish we could have done more to save lives.

Several days ago, a father on social media broke down after learning that his two unborn children had died.

On Twitter, a man going by the handle "Mahlobo" said that the year 2022 had already been ruined for him. Several nights prior to this, Mahlobo had a terrifying dream. He claims to have seen himself contacting the graves of two infants in a dream. It seemed to have been a wake-up call to him when he learned that his unborn children had passed away.

This has all happened because of Mahlobo's own faults, and he claims to have no idea how to get through it now that his heart has been torn apart.

Mahlobo was persuaded by a man named Tebogo that if he remained strong, he would overcome the situation. Mahlobo is speaking in this manner because he has been in the same situation as Mahlobo. After the birth of his twins, he also lost one of his 14-day-old children.

I don't think Mahlobo will be able to make it through this without the help of his family.

Think about how being alone might affect him psychologically as a man who is just one step away from becoming a father.. God bless him, and may he find the strength he needs to get through this difficult time.

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