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'Downtown Jozi is not taking any chance again' see the entrance of this liquor shop


After the breaking in into the Shoprite liquor shop by thieves who dug a tunnel, which lead to the inside of the shop to steal alcohol which according to the BUSINESSTECH article was worth R300,000 during the South African hard lockdown level 5, during which the sales of Alcohol were prohibited in all liquor outlets, now this Shoprite LiquorShop is not taking any chances again.

The shop is now built with aluminum and steel doors with no windows and only one tiny door which is now the entrance to the shop. The door is also made of steel. Now, this is gonna be hard for thieves to crash. Hopefully, it will be effective in preventing crime.

Image source: Facebook

This shop was built with glasses before the break-in. The breaking-in occurred when the lockdown has just been put in place by President Cyril Ramaphosa. This is proof that South African thieves love alcohol a lot because the thieves broke into a Shoprite that sells liquor, not a Shoprite that sells food.

Below is the image of the shop before the break-in.

Image source:

Why do South Africans always choose to break into alcohol outlets? This also happened during the South African unrests where the majority of looters only looted alcohol. Are we an alcoholic nation? And what could be the cause of all this? I guess we'll never know


The majority of people blame the high rate of unemployment for being the cause of all these crimes, but how could this be because of unemployment when the people only break in into alcohol shops and not shops that sell food? And also this had only occurred just after the sales of alcohol were prohibited does that mean the people were employed all along? If not does that mean the cause of this was because people had nowhere to buy alcohol?

Crime is a crime it can not be justified in any way.

Do you think the steel doors will prevent crime? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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