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Only one province in South Africa would do this.

Its very funny how seeing other people thinking out of the box but st the same time thinking stuff that would never make an impact. There's a picture of umbrellas on top of clothes at a washing line it seems the umbrellas were protecting the clothes from rain it seems so but really would this strategy work?

Here is a picture of the idea that people were busy making fun on twitter and people got the idea that only one province in South Africa would actually be doing this with their clothes during rainy times.

Close to five umbrellas were covering clothes on the washing line, what is this method for? To keep thr clothes safe from rain? Would really the umbrella stop the rain from wetting the clothes?

Someone commented on the picture that this is KwaZulu-Natal do you believe that? Can the KwaZulu-Natal province people do this?

Some said that this can only be Limpopo so in all solutions between Limpopo amd KwaZulu-Natal which province do you believe would do this?

Here are the comments from twitter after the picture was posted.

Source :Twitter social media platform

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