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It ended in tears as school descends onto Taxi driver who was abusing a young girl.

It ended in tears as a group school children took it upon themselves to fix South Africa. A Pedophile was taken down by these students today and it should be a lesson to all these criminals that pray on young girls that Young South Africans will not just rest and let them do what they want. Here are all the details of these crazy situation and what you should know about both pedophiles and taxi drivers.

Beat Down of a life time :

According to reports, the situation started when a taxi driver who was dating a schoolgirl (and reportedly abusing her) went to take her from school forcibly. However her brother in Matric wasn't okay with this and slapped the taxi driver. He left and returned with backup hoping to attack the boy, but than chaos descended.

I can tell you that this taxi driver was not expecting to have almost the entire school descend on him, but in videos we see the best down that they received as scores of students ganged up on them. Truly a glorious event as these student undertook the call to fix South Africa and send a message to pedophiles. However this is only the beginning.

Click on the link to watch the video :

Pedophiles in Mini Vans :

It's no secret that there are a lot of taxi drivers dating school girls and most of these girls are under age. It truly doesn't matter whether she agreed to date him or not, dating her is still a crime. In a Country where crimes against women and children are so prevalent. We cannot allow pedophiles to go unpunished, these men need to be put in jail for there crimes. They target young girls who are vulnerable, mostly from low income households, to manipulate and use them in the most vile fashion. These girls, who don't really know what they are doing, have their lives ruined or possible end up pregnant by these men. They than face no consequence for sleeping with a minor, as these girls are forced to marry them to take care of their children. That is if these men don't abandon them first.

How to protect our Children :

There are objective ways to protect our Children from these monsters and it all starts with education. Education is the key to protecting our children, we need to teach girl, especially in townships and low income areas, the danger of these men. They need to know how easily they can be manipulated by these men and what will happen if they are. Sadly their are no programs that do this at the moment but you can start right now with the young women in your family. If we don't do this we will continue to deal with teenage pregnancies and abused girls who are not allowed the freedom to live. What do you think of this situation, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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