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Road Accident

PICS|| Biker dies on the road daylight. Here is what happened? Read the following.


An unidentified car is believed to have struck and killed a cyclist in the early hours of this morning, 4 July 2022, between Lithuli and Emdo.

Report any cars you know that have been involved in an automobile accident to your local police station or SCACAG office, as the authorities are actively looking for them.

Reflectors on the biker's clothing indicated he was on the side of a road.

It is imperative that our government put CCTV cameras on the roads, which will aid in numerous investigations and discourage irresponsible driving.

You can see what people are saying in the comments:

For now, the police will be wandering around aimlessly without any leads. Let the Culprit be apprehended and punished for his nefarious actions.

These cameras are in place in places like Thabazimbi, Lephalale, and Waalwater, and I believe they help the police and the law.

It's time for our city to show us exactly how our money is being spent.

Whoever was responsible for this. Consciousness will kill him, thus he needs to be aware of this This dead man's spirit will follow him wherever he goes. Rather, he should turn himself in and beg forgiveness of the deceased family members.

Again, it was the same thing that had occurred ga matatala.

It's hard to believe that people can be so mean to each other. RIP to the driver who was responsible for this atrocity.

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Emdo Lithuli


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