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Call The Police Immediately If You See This Black Dot On The Palm Of People You Meet.

We live in the 21st century, when no one wants to become a victim of the unknown temperament of anybody, and we don't want to live in constant anxiety just because we've chosen to live with a certain personality. There is a recent trend in the world today when people try to create awareness of what others experience in the hands of their loved ones.

Home abuse has been a serious matter in this modern age, but some people still do not appear to recognize people who are constantly insulted by those supposed to safeguard them. The "Black Dot" campaign has therefore been launched on social media as a tool to raise awareness and identify those who are abused. The Facebook group has brought together over 1,5k people tattooing black dots on their palms in a silent way against domestic violence.

The service is intended to help people get in touch with the police and report on domestic violence.

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Black Dot


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