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Community angered after a 3 months old baby goes missing and the mother fails to report to Police.

The community of Phelendaba in Bushbuckridge met today to discuss the matter of a missing old child whose mother failed to report to the police that her child has gone missing. The child has been missing for almost two months but the mother decided to keep quiet about this.

The community wants to know why the mother didn't report this to the police, they suspect that maybe the mother knows what happened to the child and she should tell them what she did with the child. They suspect that she did something to the baby, there's no way your child can go missing and as a loving mother don't report to the Police.

The family of the lady revealed that the lady is currently mentally unstable, she has even undergone an ukuthwasa initiation. They didn't reveal whether the her mentally problem was caused by the missing of her baby or what.

The community thinks that the family is trying to protect their daughter. The community wants the father to open a case against the mother cause a lot of things are unclear about the whole incident. They want to know who was looking after the baby when the baby went missing.


This matter should be reported to the Police. Police must investigate, the mother should be taken in for questioning. Something doesn't make sense about this, if the mother is currently mentally unstable what is she doing at ukuthwasa initiation, she should be in a mental asylum. What does ukuthwasa have to do with mental stability. If the mother is responsible for the child's disappearence she should be arrested for this. If the family says that the mother couldn't report this because she not well at the moment, they could have reported this on her behalf. Their story doesn't make sense.


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