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4 Robbers Terrorize A Bolt Driver In Hillbrow, Johannesburg


The incident happened in Johannesburg Central Business district in one of the most dangerous Streets you could find yourself in, and just a few steps and a few blocks to the east you'll find that you are going towards Vannin Court. Which is one of the buildings that are harbouring a lot of criminals and which great opportunities for criminal activities being perpetrated on their streets.

These individuals fit into the profile of the street gangs especially the ones that are operating in central Johannesburg District which are predominantly of Zimbabwean descent, so these individuals are perpetrating robberies around affluent suburban places around Johannesburg using these vehicles which they rent out and then they go on to perpetrate their robbery.

However, in this incident it doesn't look like a robbery - it looks like a conflict between the suspects and possibly the owner of the vehicle which was in the front and which was being smashed with rocks that the suspects were carrying.

So this is something that has captured the interests of people and they are wondering what kind of conflicted had started between the suspects, and the victim to make the suspects smash the windows of the victim's vehicle.

It is become very apparent that Johannesburg as well as other places around South Africa have become very unsafe, which makes a lot of people very sceptical about the places that they want to go to for fear that they might encounter criminals or come up on the wrong side of the town and face these were going to steal their goods this is something that is a real concern to a lot of people.

Which is also detrimental to the way the place has appeared throughout the years if the bad boy security that is in the area can really enforce the authority, and be able to perpetrate the arrest that are necessary to put away the criminals that are in the area to make the place safer it would really turn around for the better and be a thriving City.

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