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5 amazing and Weirdest Floating Structures in the world.

1. Floating Prison, New York City

There's a good reason NYC's Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center is nicknamed "The Boat." The prison is a floating barge.

Since 1992, the 47,326-ton mobile incarceration center has been part of the city's Rikers Island jail complex. It was built in New Orleans and hauled up the eastern seaboard to its current location off the Bronx in Long Island Sound. Created to reduce overcrowding in New York City's prisons, "The Boat" features 16 dorms and 100 jail cells, as well as a library, gym, and outdoor recreation area for prisoners, It can house up to 870 inmates at a time. At 625-feet long and 125-feet wide this flatbed vessel has also been deemed the largest operational prison ship in the world by size.

2. Floating supermarket. Southern india

It is a superstore that comes to the city kerala. The boat measures 1000 square foot.crafted with anti corrosive steel and reinforced cement. It is basically a travelling department store that sell things from perfume to health drinks.

3. Floating theatre.

It was built by a german architect ole scheeren for thailand 2012 film festival. It could be assembled to make a large,raft like seating area. Guest arrive to the offshore location via boat.

4. Floating hotel Norway

Norway's crystall hotel will be your perfect destination to watch the northern lights, the hotel is shaped like a snow flake with 86 luxury rooms and glass roofs. It has a large base stability to keep waves and storms in check.

5. Floating farm Greenland:

It was designed by architectural students . it's floating hydroponic farm are made to float using runoff melting icebergs to power the structure, to grow fruits and vegetables without soil.the artic harvester derives power from both solar panels and osmotic systems.

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