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Road Accident

A horrific accident caused by Goat panic In Mititi KZN


A very disturbing accident happened this morning at eMtikini, KwaMhlabuyalingana.

According to reports, it was a woman and her child who were in the car driving to the next destination.  

Reporters arrived at the scene finding bystanders assisting the two passengers who were trapped inside the car which landed on its roof, having the wheels spinning around.

It is understood that the driver got distracted by a goat which was crossing the street, as she tried to swerve to avoid crushing into a goal.

At this stage it is revealed that the two passengers are well and safe and that they might be having few scratches there and there. The woman thanked God for protecting her and her child . Those who have seen the car on its speed, said that the woman was on a high speed and as always, women are always advised to be on alert and drive the minimum speed as they panic a lot on the road .

Accidents happens each and everyday and you can not be on alert of being in an accident if you know you are a gods driver . This woman was terrified saying that she had no idea that a goat could have been the cause of her death with her child . It is not only goats but the signs are placed on the road for various reasons . I’m sure as it’s a place of goat, the sign could have been there to say that the drivers should drive to this minimum speed . Let’s always read our road signs very carefully.

The car is beyond repairs but both passengers are safe and sound. Drivers are alerted to drive with caution in the area .

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