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Check out Crippling Images Coming out of These Parts of the Country

From December till now we have seen a lot rain fall the country, probably even more then we have seen in a long time. The fact that it is raining the way it is right now comes as bit of a shock to most because over the past couple of years we were having serious water shortages and even on the verge hitting a drought.

We absolutely welcome the rain, and we are very happy that it is finally raining in the was it is, but the only problem we have right now is the damage that it is causing to peoples homes and important infrastructure in the country.

Someone posted these pictures of the current situation in a place called Ladysmith in the KZN. As you can see some parts of the country have been seriously affected more then others, and some people have even lost their lives due to these heavy rains, which is very sad to hear. The government really has to do something to help these people out.

Most low laying areas are most affected because when the comes down heavily, it does not flow down any where but goes up and up, until it gets to a point were it enters into people's homes. And some areas don't have proper drainage connections due to the slow infrastructure development taking place in those areas.

Take a look at some of the comments people left behind, suggesting what they think the problem is with these kind of areas in the country.


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