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Chaos Erupt on South African Road, Criminals Are Back in Full Force

Date: 13/11/21



With the fastive season approaching, criminals everywhere in south africa are gearing up for festive crimes. It has been said time and time again that during festive season the crime rate in South Africa increases drastically and now the evidence of the upcoming festive crimes is showing. It is being reported that drivers need to be very much aware while driving as there's a huge fire on the road caused by a burning vehicle.


A cash-in-transit robbery has taken place on spartan Road in kempton park. It is said that a huge bomb was used to blow up the cash-in-transit vehicle and it is now running on the road with the breeze all around it. The criminals were unable to get any money as the car was burnt along with the cash that was inside it.

It is advised that drivers who are driving through that road was be aware of this thing so not to be in harm's way. The car has not been removed as they're at because this event just took place and the authorities are still on their way to kempton park to check the situation. The criminals unfortunately run away with nothing and we not supported by any one.


As the festive season draws even closer drivers need to be very careful when they driving next to a cash-in-transit vehicle as it can get bombed in anytime. As we see in the pictures above that the car explode and pieces are spread all around the road if you are driving next to it you might also catch some smoke. South Africa is becoming more and more unsafe for people.druning each and everyday.

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