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"They Left Me For Dead But I Woke Up In A Mortuary 3 Days Later And Gave Birth" Mum Painfully Shares


After that, Joyce Chepkemoi married and moved to Kuresoi in Nakuru County. Their marriage was happy, and they accumulated a lot of wealth and had children.

Unfortunately, their lives were turned upside down one tragic day following the 2007 elections. When the post-election violence erupted, Joyce was 8 and a half months pregnant with her last child. They were attacked in their residence by a gang of 12 men.

She stood there stunned as they assassinated her loving spouse before turning their firearms on her. They abused her, cutting off two of her fingers, disfiguring her face with her fire, and abandoning her for dead. Fortunately, her children were unharmed because they were playing at a neighbor's house.

"After three days, I awoke in a mortuary, where they were convinced I was dead." Joyce expressed her gratitude for having given birth to a healthy baby boy just a day after waking up.

Joyce now gives public speeches in schools, warning pupils about the dangers of setting fire to schools and employing violence. She hopes that by sharing her story of survival, teenagers would be discouraged from being used to perpetrate violence in the future general election in 2022.

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