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Video of Passenger Licking Driver's Shiny Head Surfaces Online. (Video)

South Africa is a nation loaded up with various unexplainable occasions. Individuals can emerge from their usual range of familiarity to do things that could be labeled as unimportant. 

At the point when you think you've seen everything, another astounding occurrences continue to unfurl just before our eyes. The most recent episode will leave one pondering where certain individuals' habits are kept. 

In a short clasp that has flowed round web-based media, a South African traveler could be seen licking the sparkly top of a cabbie inside a Taxi and many couldn't get a handle on the thing precisely was going on. 

The specific justification for his activity is yet to be discovered however numerous people including myself are as yet asking why an adult man would get the top of his individual adult and begin licking it. 

Anybody with sensible clarification of what is happening in this video ought to present it for lucidity purpose. 

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