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Sh0cking: Vutha Ate All Our Stuff

A house was damaged by a fire in New Crossroads and the family believes that the fire was Vutha.

On Monday 04 October Gogo Nongayithini Faas watched everything she had worked so hard for and spent all her life working on it go up in the fire flames.

Gogo Nongayithini the 85 years old from New Crossland at Cape Town, said she Believes that Vutha was sent to destroy her beautiful house after she did all the renovations with her last penny. 

It is also said that she joined the ladies stokvel so that she could make some renovations for her house and make it more beautiful like houses.

"I just finished a built-in cupboard when the fire came. This was not a normal fire one sent to destroy my hard work. I was in my bedroom laying on my bed around 4 PM when I heard some noise from the kids shouting fire fire. I thought they were playing then they came running to me".

"I'm so heartbroken and hurt I don't know how I'm going to rebuild my house and replace everything I've lost in it. It was too much work for me to build that house it cost me a lot of money and now I have nothing left to build another one" She said

She has a daughter named Nomsa Faas a 62-year-old and she said that they don't know how and what started the fire.

"We were not even cooking or switch any stove or something that would start the fire. This is so strange because none of us remember or know what happened, I think my mother is right when she says it was vutha" she said. 

They are a family of five and now they are sleeping in other people's houses since their house is burnt down into ashes. 


The family has asked for the City of Cape Town to help them rebuild their houses since they have lost everything and have nothing left. As gogo's unit is owned by the municipality, the housing department has said officials will assess the damage to submit an insurance claim.

We all have different religions as people some believe in things such as witchcraft eg the Vutha thing while some don't. I think that there was something in that house which caused the fire to happen such as faulty plugs or maybe the kids were playing with fire inside the house and accidentally set up the fire around the house because all the elders said they didn't see where the fire started but the kid did.

The family should not blame or think of someone else who did this to them. Such things happen to other people too. Maybe it was God's way or something but not a person. I'm just suggesting the family should look at both stories before saying that it was a vutha thing.

The residents of the community should open their good hearts and help the Faas family wherever they can. What happened to them was hurt but then it happened. We will keep them in our prayers and also help them where we can.


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