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"This family and witchcraft, I wash my hands" a lady Twittered this after she spotted something

This picture has been trending on Twitter where people noticed something strange on it. In the picture, there are Swati people from a royal house. What is strange is that in most of the pictures they take in their home there is always a young boy appearing. This young man doesn't wear any Swati traditional clothes at all. People are confused if he has them or he is just a homeless man. People are saying this man has been in that family for years now and he always looks in dirty clothes. The lady decided to go to Twitter and said what she felt.

She believes that this is witchcraft because this young man always appears everywhere. After she posted the picture people ended up getting the opportunity to say what is on their minds. People who have been following the pictures of this family say this man has been there for years now. Some were saying that this boy was seen on a video where the royal members were eating while this boy was just looking at them. People found it strange that how can everyone eat while a family member is not eating or they treat him as an outsider.

There is also a picture where this young boy is having guards around him. Some bear that this young boy is disabled that she is always looking lonely. Picturesere this young man is smiling but he always looks very sad. If you look at the pictures which hatred you will feel like there are abusing him. But if you look at them with love for the royal family you will understand. The fact that he always wears dirty clothes makes it feel like there is something dogy happening.

No one knows the truth behind all these pictures. People did drop their comments about this matter. I will drop a few of them below to read more about it you can go and open the link. You will be able to see the post on tweeter and see what people think about it.

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