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Drone Sent To Spy On Zama Zama's Caught Them Doing This

Although a lot of us are probably out thinking the the illegal mining practices in mzansi could be coming to am end soon since they who practice it has been exposed and now some communities and the police are unto them destroying the equipment and so forth, It seems like the illegal miners are far from stopping what they doing because some proof has surfaced most recently (yesterday) exposing all that

According to my source: What went down yesterday in East Rand was that a drone was sent to go and spy at a certain mine considered to be one of the zama zama's hot-spot for thier mining and as usual the footage caught them in action 

Video link:

So now with all this being said a lot of people has been coming in online complaining about how the zama zama's which are very much likely to be the basotho nationals has now respect for our country and its laws, This is coming after there has been some videos trending of them flaunting some of they arms checkout some of those flaunting videos below

Video's link

With all this being this waybwhat is it that you have to say as an individual right now? Would you say that mzansi people should blame this guys for thier bad doings or our government for not making sure that our borders are well protected and people with unlicensed guns don't make it in? What's your take on this entire situation as an individual right now?

Please do write us a comment stating what you think in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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