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Nigerian's Trick Of Spreading Drugs All Over Mzansi Exposed (see how they do it)

Now that the use of drugs in South Africa started if as something which was a problem in cities but has now spread to the villages and townships have you ever wondered how the drugs leave the cities to the nearby townships, villages and so on since the security is tight when 1 is leaving and entering a city for there is usually roadblocks,tollgates and other form of security stops. Well sit back and relax I got the right answers to your questions

Well as you all know that when it comes to roadblock the police focus on searching the inside of the car as to search what's in the bags and the boot of the car, It turns out that the guys who transport drugs don't store then inside the cars they store them outside the car at a place where one can't even think of but thanks god one of the Nigerians who has been doing that has been exposed and arrested so far. Refer to the pic below to see how they hide and transport drugs.

Well what you see up there is a front bumper of a car, What these guys do is that they pock a hole at the bumper specifically were the number plate is placed and make some sort of pocket then out the drugs after that they attach the number plate back which will make the hole and drugs invincible, One of they who have been doing this around Hamanskraal was caught with all this drugs (refer to the pics below)

What you see here is crystal meth and the very same nyaope which has now turned a lot of our brother's and sisters into some sort of street kids junkies and a whole bunch of other bad individuals.Looking at this situation from a view that okay arrests of people dealing and distributing drugs has been getting done over the years but the problem of drugs never faded what is it that you have to say about this one? I mean what is it that you think it will be a fit and rightful punishment for the Nigerian found with this? Please leave some comments below

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