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You will be heart-shattered with what a teenager did following a misunderstanding with his mum

A heartbreaking report was issued of a fifteen-year-old boy who took away his life following a misunderstanding with his mother. It is alleged that the Form One learner had a misunderstanding with his mother after he had been found in bed with a 14-year-old girl.

The misunderstanding then led the late Godfrey Chipare to hang himself at a cousin´s residence in Unit A, Chitungwiza. The tragic incident reportedly took place on Thursday. It is heartbreaking how young people are taking away their lives.

Have you ever asked yourself what leads people to decide to take away their lives? Why do they keep problems to themselves? Are relatives to blame when people decide to end their own lives? What can be done to restrict suicides from happening?

These questions are always asked but they do not have specific answers. People only assume but are unable to tell what drives a person to take his/her own life. Nobody is able to tell the tale of a dead person.

However, there are some measures that can be implemented to try and avoid the possibility of suicide. When one has personal issues, he/she must find someone to talk to. There should be someone whom one can open up and pour his/her heart out. Bottling up issues and not sharing them is not a good thing. Sharing a problem helps towards finding a solution.

Some have struggles with anger management such that some feel like hurting themselves as a way of reflecting their feelings. Such people end up committing suicide in different ways. Such people need therapy to help them with managing their anger.

Do you have anger management problems? If so, how do you overcome anger?

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