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Watch: Policemen Runaway After A Failed Attempt To Arrest Criminals

The crime rate in South Africa has been on the for the past decade. People nowadays live in fear, as they don't feel safe any more in their homes and in the streets. People sometimes get killed over minor things like a cellphone or for not carrying money around with you.

We are afraid to walk alone in the streets at night even during the day, and we now prepare to be among people we know. A video of two policemen who were trying to arrest criminals has surfaced on social media. On the video we see policemen trying to stop a bakkie which is suspected to belong to criminals, the bakkie stops, and one police officer approaches it. When he finally gets to the bakkie, the door opens and shots are fired at the police.

Two guys jumps out of the bakkie to runaway from the scene, and the bakkie starts to drive away. The police officer is seen running away from the criminals. The police force became a laughingstock over this, as many says that the police officer was not fully trained. It is also questionable why the other police officer didn't show up to help his colleague. It is clear that when death is facing you in the eyes, you are all on your own.

Who could have thought such things were possible, police officers were known to protect the public and its interests. Based on what happened with these officers, it is clear that these officers are not fully trained, and they need to re-do the whole training from the beginning. Mind you, we have to still remember that these guys are humans too, they are also afraid of death.

To view the video, click the link below.

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