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Video: Watch As Dr Tumi Experiences Crime Last Night- Mzansi Reacts

Crime in Sputh Africa is forever high and no one is safe. Hijackers attack motorists and other thugs go for pedestrians. No one is safe, not even celebrities.

Dr Tumi has experienced Mzansi's crime and the incident was caught on camera. The incident happened last night, judging by the date and time of the camera.

On social media, a tweep named @Kulanicool has shared a video where Dr Tumi was standing on the phone standing at the side of the road. A thug came behind him, snatched his phone and ran towards the getaway car, got inside and the car drove off. Dr Tumi just stood there, shocked at what just happened.

Watch the video here:

Mzansi was stunned and some people say that these criminals steal expensive phones only to sell them at a 50 percent discount, making themselves a lot of money.

Some say that these thugs make people dance after stealing from them. The incidents happen so fast, amd fighting back is never an option because one could be murdered for a cellphone.

At least the good doctor made it out alive and the criminals did not harm him. Cry my beloved country.


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