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Eskom to implement stage 2 loadshedding from this time

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Eskom will carry out stage 2 load shedding from 9 pm on Saturday until 5 am on Monday. 


The force utility said this was because of a deficiency of age limit brought about by breakdowns, various outings at different force stations, just as postponements in returning units to support. 

Eskom to implement stage 2 loadshedding from 9pm tonight till Monday morning (

Peruse the full assertion underneath:

Eskom Hld SOC Ltd on Twitter: "#POWERALERT 1 Stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented at 21:00 tonight until 05:00 on Monday in order to replenish emergency generation reserves for the week ahead" / Twitter

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I honestly think Eskom is playing games with us , how long do we have to face the same problem

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